Halo 4 - Is it an FPS?


You have nothing to add?

It’s an RPG through and through.

Its a shooter, thats all we know

I’m not the type of person to usually say stuff like this, but that question is stupid. (It kills me to say stuff like that.)

It’d better be an FPS. It’d kill me if it wasn’t. :X

What else would it be?

> Its a shooter, thats all we know

How do you know that?

It’d be bad if it wasn’t, but all we know is that there is a new Halo trilogy starting next year and it has Chief and Cortana and a weird Magnum in it. We don’t know what type of game it is.

"The only Halo game that wasn’t a FPS was Halo Wars"
Using that and the fact that its not titled Halo Wars 2 or World of Halocraft, Need for warthog or other I’d put money on it being a first person shooter.

I heard that it’s an RPG-Collect 'em up

On that ship Chief and Cortana are being beamed on to, you meet an old professor, he tells you that you must travel around a strange land and capture all the different species of animal you can. Any animals you catch can be fought against other wild animals, as well as animals controlled by other NPCs who’ve been sent on the same mission as you.

Ever noticed how Plasma Grenades looked a little bit like Pokeballs? We’re through the looking glass here, people…

If only that were true a RPG collect them up would be quite funny.

It’s going to be a First Person Shooter, check the details.