Halo 4 is great but...

First off I want to just say that Halo 4 is really fun and awesome (in my opinion of course), but like most of the people on the H4 section say, it is very different from the past Halo games. Now I can obviously see the change in Halo, and I don’t mind most of them, but the majority of the hardcore Halo fans do. You can disagree with me on this, but the evidence is in the amount of people complaining, the population of multiplayer and SpOps, and the fact that Halo 4 is not in the top 3 most popular games. Yes there are factors of the population drop, but it can’t contribute to THAT significant of a drop in the population. (It went from over 400,000 down to around 50 to 60 thousand.) Seeing this many people who have played Halo since the beginning leave truly saddens me. I always loved seeing the majority of fans just discuss stuff about Halo, not complain, threaten to sell the game, or just stop being a fan. Segueing away from the population argument now… I believe Halo was more unique when it stayed completely true to its roots. Halo 4 is fun and the changes are fine, but even I think that it barely feels like Halo. Now I know you guys at 343i are hard at work on Spartan Ops (and maybe Halo 5?) and I really think you guys are capable of taking the Halo franchise into your care, and I hope you guys are successful in the release of the next 2 main Halo games, but you need to win the hearts of your hardcore fans back. The easiest way to do that is to make Halo be truly unique like the old games again. I know I said Halo 4 is fine, but if Halo 5 is similar to the Halo Trilogy in terms of physics and gameplay, I would be so very grateful, and love you folks at 343i forever and ever and ever.

-Sincerely, a hardcore fan of Halo. (Been playing it since I was four years old.)

The game has made a too big a change to suddenly slam the brakes and make a massive u-turn, but I do believe it does need some “tightening and loosening” here and there, especially in the multiplayer aspects.

Honestly I want it reverted but that will never happen. There needs to be a compromise and social/ranked playlists are ideal. Ranked does not have ordnance/loadouts/instant spawn/jip/sprint(ideally), and social can have anything and everything 343 ever wanted to put into the game for all i care :).

I want Arena Halo back.


AA’s buffed, and on map,
Power weapons on map,
No Ordnance
No Instant Respawns
More Playlists
Nerfed/balanced DMR/Boltshot with the rest of the rifles/secondaries.
Visible CSR

They could overhaul H3’s engine and add some aspects of the H4 engine into it. Do you think it would be possible? (for H5 of course).