Halo 4 is good. MP map design sucks.

I personally love Halo 4. The single player campaign, the art design, Spartan Ops, the updates to multiplayer… what can I say… At it’s core I really enjoy Halo 4.

BUT I personally hate nearly all of the MP maps. Every map promos camping and deters movement. Map control is a thing of the past. Why move around to “earn” your kills when you can sit in a corner with the boltshot and let your kills come to you? Haven was fun at first but after three months, one semi-enjoyable map just isn’t enough.

My question to the community is do you think that 343 just can’t create good MP content?

Monolith looks like a great map. Although it is most likely entirely built by Certain Affinity. I think 343 just needs to take the hint that sometimes simplicity goes a long way when designing a map for Halo. Arena style maps is what Halo used to be all about and Halo has been dying since moving away from those traditional style maps

i agree with the maps being not very good. but the boltshot doesnt bother me at all. its mostly the long sight lines with very little cover that you either have to play dmr pick off from or try to make a run for it across that bug me.

I agree 100%. I think most of the complaints about the game are caused by the maps that they are played on. DMR being over powered? there are not enough CQ battle areas and too long of sight lines. There are too many camping spots and long sight lines which make maps hard to traverse.

If the maps we received were much better I think that people would have embraced the changes more than they have.

Ragnarok is a fine map if you don’t have DMR’s or the Mantis. The sight lines are too long to allow such a Long Range powerhouse to be used at start.

yeah the maps are definitely pretty crap, but the question is does it have to do with map design or the removal of static weapon spawns?