Halo 4 is going to be FUN.

Yes. FUN. That’s what made Halo:CE a good popular hit, it was fresh, easy, and FUN. With a good amount of competitiveness. Not enough to ware away new comers but not too little to feel too easy.

Same could be said about all Halo games. ANd I agree Halo 4 will be the new Halo:CE. New or old features included.


Well first off it seems like Halo 4 is going to be a continuation of Halo 3, Not reach. This is good, Halo 3 had much better levels and overall the best battles and such from any Halo game. I just hope the a.i is better and more fun then 3 (which I’m sure it will be)

The game is going to be fun, I’m sure solo is going to be a challenge and something everyone is going to talk about. And if 4 player online COOP is in as well it’ll be better.

If Halo 4 can have a more open fun COOP with better connection and match making, It’ll be a win. Lets just hope. Hell I’m willing to only have 2 player online COOP as long as the connection is good.

Spartan Ops

In place of a COOP and Firefight mix. This should be a good time. Other then adding to the campaign and telling more story as well as adding purpose to the infinity and it’s modes.

This we know is 4 player online (and solo)and will be FUN. Firefight was pretty cool but old, and honestly Gears of war 3 pretty much beat Firefight in many ways. I’m glad 343 didn’t just do a Halo Firefight 3.0 mode, The new mode I think will be a blast. And have elements of Firefight with better overall performance.

Multi Player

The first two I’m sure all love so far. ANd will enjoy. M.P is the one that will need some open mindness. Yet don’t worry. I got this.

>Armor Upgrades and such: People automaticcly think of COD. Which is understandable. YEt Perks and Upgrades aren’t what make COD bad. Quick kill times mostly do (which is why a 4 shot BR/DMR is a terrible idea) and how “complicated” the -Yoink- is.

If Halo 4 can stay simple with this it’ll be fine. For example “Fire Power” (allows 2 primary weapons) should just do that. It shouldn’t ALSO allow for some other things. Keep the upgrades to what they are.

So in other words keep it simple. Don’t have “Light, Pro” versions. That’s just annoying.

>Ordnance drops again are the same. Keep it simple, giving good players an ability to pick from some weapons is fine, even more so since any enemy can kill them and take it. It’s not 100% that they will even use it or get it.

Overall my predictions are

1-Campaign will be loved and people will like it. A solid 9/10 at least. (at least is a key word)

2-Spartan Ops again will be loved. No reason to hate it, The worst that can happen is bad connection. Yet a good idea. 9.5/10 at least, MOstly for being newer and adding so much.

3-MultiPlayer will be FUN. Long as regardless of it’s new additions that it stays simple and fun. Trying to be complicated wont add competitiveness.

Hows this for the first comment, I agree completely.

Same as this. Glad you agree.

Halo 4 is going to pulverise the greatness of reach with an all new level of shear epicness. Can’t wait to play as Master Chief again, and the new multiplayer will be addicting. 343 is doing a great job. See you guys on the Infinity.

HAYYLL yeah it’s gonna be fun!

BR is back which will be great, the forunners look badass and can’t wait to jump into the new spartan ops mode. People are hating on Halo 4 already. It is stupid. They are blinded by bandwagon hate and trolling. We all know they’ll still but the game and enjoy it just like we will.

Have you guys seen the MLG videos going around. The multiplayer matches they played were amazing. The new Promethean vision looks pretty cool and it will be a good countermeasure to the camping seen in the previous titles.

Ex: Sniper camps in some dark corner. Spawn kills people. Guy spawns with Promethean vision and calls out the location of the sniper. Sniper either continues to attempt to spawn kill with his location blown or bails out and the team is clear to continue fighting without the spawn killing.