Halo 4 is confirmed to be a two-disc.

Please proceed to click on the link



That pic is months old, but my topic has brand-new confirmation.

This has already been posted a few weeks ago,nice effort though.

> This has already been posted a few weeks ago,nice effort though.

More like months ago…

Read the link. Sorry.
Anyway, I don’t mind that it’s on two discs now.

> First, I’d like to say this one thing before I explain.
> People seem to be using “Confirmed” in the wrong context. If you’re going to use ‘Confirmed’, the object you’re talking about should actually be confirmed by an employee.
> Second, the other disc most likely either contains the Maps you get with the LE, or the disc with Forward Unto Dawn…since I see nothing that would contain Forward Unto Dawn besides that in the screenshots of the LE I’ve seen.

The LE behind-the-scenes and FuD content is just on waypoint. Halo 4 is confirmed to be 2 discs, go to my link. And the maps aren’t done, so why would they come on a disc?

Yay! That means there will be a lot of stuff… campaign on one disc? Big campaign.

I don’ t think it’ll be too much of a problem to have to switch between discs when you want campaign or multiplayer (if thats how the discs are separated).

i prefer 2 discs, means that we can have more in MM and forge etc and then more in campaign and what evers gonna be on the campaign disc :stuck_out_tongue:

will Frankie say what is on the 2 discs? like is war games and campaign split?