Halo 4 Invasion ideas

I have a really good entrance scene for halo 4 Invasion, here it is: Spartans start inside a Pelican and Elites will start indside a Phantom. Both teams will be dropped of at different sides of the map, then the battle begins.

This could be a whole new gametype.

I have a better idea, Each game has about 15 seconds in a pre-game overview before you start right? Here’s how I imagine it. Both spartans and elites are in first-person view but the player doesn’t have control over their bodies yet, all they can do is look around. The spartans start about 1,000 feet above the battlefield in an ODST drop pod. The elites are down below, looking at the sky.

Spartan timeframe- 15 seconds till start: You are inside the pod looking down at the map falling at an incredible speed. 10 seconds: You hit the ground, then you hear a computerized voice telling you to prepare for battle. 6 seconds: You slowly crawl out of your pod and grab your primary weapon. 0 seconds: You take control of your body, you are ready for battle.

Elite timeframe: 15 seconds until start: You are on patrol when you notice some meteors falling out of the sky. 10 seconds: You see them hit, realize they are actually drop pods, you see some unrest around your brethren. 6 seconds: You see human spartans getting out of the pods, you and your sangheili brothers start to roar and you start tossing guns to each other. 0 seconds: You now have control of your body, you are ready for battle.

What do you guys think?