Halo 4 Interactive Guide Problems?

Ok Waypoint, so I find out about the Halo 4 Interactive Guide on Facebook, I click on the link only to get the message that the Interactive Guide requires an HTML5 compatible browser, one problem, according to Wiki, a stable HTML5 specification has yet to be adopted ( as I understand it, it’s not expected until 2014 ).

Why is this not a problem?

Because Waypoint gives me a link ( supposedly to a HTML5 compatible browser ) - I check the link and find that it sends me to Microsoft ( not surprising ) and that the specific browser that I am sent to is IE 8 - ( this is surprising since that is my browser ) - turns out that I had a slightly earlier build.

Still not a problem, I’ll just update my browser.

After an hour of installing and configuring the “new” suggested browser I come back to Waypoint to check out the Interactive Guide, only to find out that I am still getting the message that I still need to update to an HTML5 compatible browser and the link that Waypoint is sending me to, is still IE 8.

So what is going on - either with the link to the browser that doesn’t have HTML5 compatibility or with the Interactive Guide it’s self?

I have nothing loading when i search this but it also does NOT mention a single issue, no loading errors, it just seems to be designed to load nothing … maybe released early??

According to Halo 4’s facebook page, it appears to be a legit posting