Halo 4 Information Concerns

Hello everyone,

I’d like to start by saying that I am in no way claiming to be an expert at marketing. I don’t even study it at school nor have I taken a single high-level marketing course. My testimony here is simply that of a concerned fan.

My concerns with the Halo 4 information released thus far is that we only get a tenth of the picture and it leads to a lot of angst among the fans.

The best example is that of the Gameinformer article that was our true first look at Halo 4. The entire forum (and I do mean entire) was full of people wondering if it was fake because it all sounded so insane.

Sadly, this trend has not changed and we are only given a slight glimpse of something but nothing to really go off of. Right now the community is forced to guess about two things:

  1. A ranking system or lack thereof
  2. Weapon drops

We know nothing about these two things (or next to nothing) but from what has been said, the community is going to naturally slant it in the most negative way possible. I realize that is not the fault of 343, but they should realize it’s natural.

So when the community hears “perks” or “killstreaks” we are going to associate it with Call of Duty, a game which finds itself being a near polar-opposite to Halo in terms of FPS games.

The same can be said about Spartan Ops. Many fans of Firefight are concerned because we need Spartan Ops to be a worthy successor to Firefight. We don’t want it to become a forgotten feature.

These are but a few examples of the limited marketing we have seen thus far.

My only request and suggestion to ease the community reaction (and potential loss of sales) is that when you want to talk about something, 343, please couple it with a fairly in-depth explanation about what is going on. The speculation is causing more harm than anything else.

It’s just my suggestion.

Thank you for reading.

343 is practically creating a movie for this game.

I think they know how to market.

> 343 is practically creating a movie for this game.
> I think they know how to market.

It’s not about the movie, it’s about the information about the gameplay itself.

I agree viper context is vary important to understanding these new features but even in context some people are going to freak that’s just the nature of the beast.