Halo 4 Infinity YouTube

I found this YouTube Channel and I don’t know if it I 343’s it’s called Halo4Infinity I subscribed to the channel because It could be 343’s.
The Youtube Channel Halo4Infinity

not 343i, just an excited fan wanting to share information.

www.youtube.com/HaloWaypoint is 343i’s channel.


But I am going to Sub anyway

> www.youtube.com/HaloWaypoint is 343i’s channel.


Ok I will sub to them too.

I noticed that the channel’s avatar is the same as your Waypoint one. You’re not just trying to promote your own channel by any chance, are you?

No my youtube channel is Called BurnBlueMedia


The country on that channel is “United Kingdom”. 343i’s HQ is in Washington, USA.

Age: 14.

I just thought that was funny.

You are all right
Just because the user name is Halo4Infinity does not mean it is 343
but that is one cool username

What are the medals next too peoples accounts?