Halo 4 Infinity Challenge.

Can someone please explain me this -Yoink!- Mobile or whatever this tournament is? Do I register and actually play to the top? As in, do I sign up and compete against other players in a LEGIT tournament with Brackets and all that? Or am I just playing match making and being rated on my W/L K/D ratios and being put on the leaderboard from that? Do I just get good stats in Matchmaking and Win all my games? Or Do I actually get to prove my own skill ability against other competitors and have to win an entire bracket to get 1st?

Read this,it tells you.

You probably can’t win any of the brackets anyways. So why even try?

I enetered but will probally only play during the week especally after ths weekend…LAGGY WEEKENDS are ruining my weekend gaming.

Winning a truck would be nice but since there are a lot of skilled players out there I may just go for spartan ops instead.

starts tomorrow. good luck to all competitors and have fun.

I entered, but I don’t even know what we’ll have to do or what they’re basing this tournament on. Is it how much you played, XP, kills, etc.?

If you are competing in Multiplayer look out for the -Yoink!- Gaming Playlist. For Spartan Ops use the “Find Game” option. MP is all your completed game scores accumulate. Spartan Ops is 1 point for every Chapter completed.