Halo 4 Infinity Challenge Scoes

I apologize if any of these questions have already been answered but I was wondering a few things:

  1. Do points from Big Team Slayer count or is it only regular slayer?

  2. Is it legal for people to “share” an account in order to maximize playing time during the tournament?

  3. What are some tips to getting high scores in games?

Thanks, I’ll be awaiting a reply

  1. It determines which week it is. Your score only counted LAST WEEK if you played Big Team Slayer. THIS WEEK your score only counts if you play CTF. Each week there is a different gametype that only counts for the Infinity Challenge.

2)I dunno. I mean…even if its illegal how would they find out? I’m guessing no.

3)Forget aobut your K/D and do the objective. Since last week was Big Team Slayer, the best way to get a high score was to just kill. Since this week is CTF, the best way to get a high score is cap flags.

I hope I helped.

P.S. The Infinity Challenge is crap with all the cheaters and boosterss Dont even waste your time trying.

I’m on teir one with out boosting. Go me.

Can someone explain this infinity challenge prize thing to me please?