Halo 4 Infinity Challenge Help!?!

So as most of you I was pumped to enter this and see how well I did. So I won’t even tell you how many hours I slept and I average between 15-25 kills or more per game and get around 250+ pounds per game. So I look for my name on the halo4infinitychallenge.com leaderboards and my name is no where to be found? Is anyone else having problems?

Same for me. I know I registered since I got the confirmation email.

You gained 250 pounds per game ;O?!

Same here, I get the message that my tag isn’t found. I’ll go ahead play normally and check the Leader boards every now and then to see if I’ve started to place.


> You gained 250 pounds per game ;O?!

I had to re-read that one for a second xD

I’m not, I’m 9th :slight_smile:

> I’m not, I’m 9th :slight_smile:

Do you just have to play a lot or what? I don’t understand how they calculate the stuff.

I would say play _alot!_I played for 3.5 hours last night and this is where I rank.

Rank 1518. Tier 3 Score 3225.

The person who is number 1 has a score of 34160.

So those of us with full time jobs and kids probably don’t have a shot at making Tier 1