Halo 4 Infinity Challenge final attempt

I realise the prizes have been sent out already, but I demand some justice. I was removed from 15th place in the Spartan Ops Infinity Challenge. 2 or 3 some days before the finals were adjusted, I was removed without explaination.

I have now emailed -Yoink!- Gaming 20+ times, and they tell me 343i removed me for not being able to abide by the rules and regs. I did not cheat, I turned off my xbox for fear of red ring, and slept as little I could. They did not do a good job at all of looking for people who had xboxs or accounts running for the whole week.

-Yoink!- Gaming has told me 3 times they are “escalating my case”, I finally was told an email was sent to 343i. It has been 8 days since VG helpufully forwarded my email/case. Why am I being completely ignored and singled out? I was the only one the top of the boards for Spops taken down, I figured at least 2-3 would get taken off for cheating for sure. But me? :confused: I’ve also Tweeted @BSAngel and @Halowaypoint, and DM’d them, with no response.

Along with about 3-4 fourms post total in Waypoint and Halo 4 forums, about 2 players/forum goers responded.

#Didntcheat #biggestfanonOpsboards #deservesprize /finalattempt