Halo 4 Infinity Armor in master chief collection?

will the halo 4 infinity armor pack be added to the halo master chief collection? the old Mark V and ODST suit are very elite outfits they should be added to the game to be able to wear in the collection on your Halo 4 spartan/ will they be added as a update for free or a DLC or not even?

i wish

same mate

That would be nice, as my 360 Halo 4 Spartan currently has the ODST armour. As much as I like the MK6 armour, I prefer the ODST.

I have no clue as to why this wasn’t added since it should have been included since they claimed everything would be there. Which is odd because the original Halo 4 limited edition armor is there so makes no sense why Mark V wasn’t included. There’s plenty of other things missing too like file share.

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It has been years, and I’m still hoping against all odds that 343i adds the ODST armor to MCC.