Halo 4 Infection Poll

There are a few things I would like to see from Infection.
1.) Flood. Halo canon has zombies - use them.
2.) Point based victory. Victors should be based on points accrued from killing,assisting, and most importantly - surviving. Players who spawn infected should automatically get the mean (average) score of the non infected players +/- points based on their performance.
3.) Alpha zombie selection system. I vote for a skill based mini game before the round e.g. infection forms race towards you. Last 3 to kill them all start as zombies. All rounds after should choose the zombies based off of the prior round player’s performance.
4.) Do not start infected more than once! In fact, nobody need start as infected if there are AI flood. Then it would finally be balanced.

I like the way you think. This combined with a great forge could make halo a good zombie game. Although this is unlikely, it sounds awesome. The only thing missing slightly more gore to add to the zombie game feel. I also think that instead of giving player zombie energy sword they should get the huge claw tentacle thing as a their weapon, it could be a sword reskin so that player zombies will still have slightly familiar feel when they play.

What about this: an infection game type that makes humans spawn with no weapons and they have to find weapons on the map to survive.

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Please 343 read this!

Unfortunately, it seems that 343 spends more time on NeoGaf then their own forums. But yes, this is a very nice idea.

I agree with Flood as zombies, that’d be awesome. You’d finally actually be a zombie.

I also agree with the point based system but it should be separate from normal infection, like it should be called ‘Infection Slayer’ or something.

When will we be getting news on infection. If we get none then I guess that means it would be unchanged(I don’t want that).

I like the flood idea, where starter zombies are basically combat forms with the same capabilities as a spartan with a sword. As for alpha zombie selection, I think they should just take turns and have each player play as the alpha zombie for one round. 3 rounds, 12 players, 4 alpha zombies.

I still want infection with vehicles in halo 4 to appear in mp. Man, that was so fun with halo 3 on sandtrap. They just have to include vehicles and hammers!

I thought of this and put it on a thread here
but yea I want the flood to be playable in infection and custom games

Zombies (or at least the Alpha zombies) should have infinite Promethian vision, with the ability to activate and deactivate the AA of course. This would speed up some of the gameplay as all humans ever do is camp anyway.

maybe one day in Halo but I kind of doubt it for Halo 4, I think 343 is going to try to establish different aspects in this game and a foundation as a company, then expand on little things like this later. Possibly.

Since the Flood are not in the Halo 4 campaign, it is very unlikely that 343 would have gone through all the trouble of creating and animating those character models just for one multiplayer gametype. If they did, then that’s great, but I’m not getting my hopes up.