Halo 4 in rotation

Can we please get halo 4 back in the playlist options for mcc

Yes please, can we?

I wish they add halo 4 playlist.

I wanna play H4…please :frowning:

Halo 4 should have it’s own playlist and also integrated into the Team Slayer playlist. Don’t understand why they chose to neglect their very own game. Yeah some people hate Halo 4. Those same people hate Halo Reach and feel every game should be Halo 3.1, Halo 3.2, etc. Then they will complain about how it’s like CoD, same game no changes.

That’s for another day. Halo needs its own playlist. I can’t even play Halo 4 Infinity Slayer because my 360 ate the disc. So I have half of Halo 4 in MCC…