Halo 4 In-Game Fileshare Broken?

Someone please explain to me, either with a link to an actual 343 moderator or post, what is the deal with Halo 4’s fileshare. I understand that the web access to Halo 4 filsehare is not open or finished to the public yet. But the in-game fileshare search has never worked for myself, anyone I know, and numerous random people I’ve contacted on twitter, youtube, etc. I’ve tried searching via forge for maps, and via the spartan hub in-game. Nothing shows up for specific gamertags, and I know for a fact the files are uploaded by those gamertags, and neither can my friends see my uploaded fileshares. Yes, I am sure my fileshares are uploaded. When you search most recommended and most downloaded nothing it says no files found whether I am looking for maps, videos, screenshots, etc. Now, there is a Halo 4 fileshare contest or something…so what gives? Obviously, fileshare is not working for everyone, but I can’t find anything from 343 about it. Some user on Waypoint, Under Zid, said “The file share search works properly, we have tested it on many gamertags.” Idk if he is a 343 employee, but I can’t get answers via the 343 waypoint twitter account. I want to see other friends fileshares, and I want to be able to download forge-made maps, especially Halo 2 & 3 redux, and this is very frustrating to have spent $100 and not be able to access the full product. Hopefully a 343 moderator will see this and answer appropriately.

I have the same issue and cant find any way to fix it either very annoying!!! another issue since 343took over im beginning to expect them

In terms of specific gamertag searches, it works perfectly fine for me, but everything else is not working, but that is the same for everybody. It is very irritating.

Bs angel, the community manager for 343 Industries, has stated that File Search functionality is, unfortunately, not likely to be ready by January. She has previously commented on the situation in Halo Bulletins: 343i are aware of the problem, they know that it’s causing problems for the community, and they’re actively working on it.

One of my posts might help to give a sense of the sort of difficulties they’re currently faced with. Moderators like myself aren’t actual 343i employees, though, so don’t take that as an official statement of the problem’s details.