Halo 4 Improvements - Classic Halo Playlist

To start off I’m not a troll, I’m a die hard Halo fan.

I do however have some improvements that I feel would make the game better.

Armor Abilities:

Promethean Vision changes the way Halo is played. You can no longer strategize like you could in previous Halo games. You have to always assume you can be seen. Crouch is basically useless because people already know you’re there. Promethean Vision is the most powerful armor ability and I’m sure everyone will be using it. You take this armor ability out and you’ve got much better Halo experience and feel. I feel like Promethean Vision is almost as bad as Armor Lock back in Reach.

Random Weapon Spawns:

Why have random weapon spawns? This what allows us all to make a manic dash for the best weapon, go hide in a room and strategize with other teammates, and blast anyone who tries to enter. This is what gave us hot spots from the heatmaps. If you look at previous heatmaps from Halo 3, The Pit one of my all time favorites, they had the rocket launcher hall and the energy sword, both making for awesome game play and strategy.

Players should have an option to choose if they don’t want to play the new war games 343 Industries made, shouldn’t they? This leads to my solution.

Infinity Slayer:

Not too many complaints other than the fact that it’s like COD. I don’t mind this, it’s a fun new twist to an already epic game, but give veteran players a playlist where they can play that’s just good old team slayer, team doubles, and team objectives.

We cloud call this Classic Halo Playlist:

This Classic Playlist would consist of Halo 2 and Halo 3 like gameplay. No armor abilities, no random weapon spawns, no load outs, no run, ect. You would start off with nothing but an assault rifle, pistol, and some grenades. Finally, weapons would have static spawning spots.

If they make this playlist it would fix all the haters form hating how 343 Industries changed Halo. Halo 4 would appeal to both sides of Halo fans, those of us who like change and those of us who don’t.

I really hope this thread gets attention and maybe, just maybe, they could make the above changes. I feel like it would be nothing but beneficial.

If you agree, say so.