Halo 4 Improvement Suggestions list

I have played Halo 4 for a few days and I like alot of it but I have some sugestions about how some of the mechanics and features can be improved.

1.Maps sizes too small
If you increased the size of the maps, then there won’t be as much complaints on how the game is like CoD.(trust me, there are more than you would expect) Also this would cause more people to use the forge mode to create cooler maps and you would have more area to explore. Also there would be the potential to add more vehicals that have been removed and have been demanded by some people for a while Also if you increase the size of maps, then new gamemodes could be added as well as the addition of brand new vehicals like Pelacans and Phantoms to the mix(which should have been done in Halo Reach)It would be in the best interest of the community if maps in halo 4 will be made equal to or greater than Forgeworld from Halo Reach.

2.More vehicals
Vehicals are a big part of halo and they can make or break the game your playing in. But now the vehicals are a bit too weak and don’t protect you all that much. also some vehicals are scarce on maps like Ragnarok(Valhalla) which they were previously implemented on.

Some of the Vehicals that should be implemented

1.Pelacan, Useable on very large maps, can carry up to 8 people(counting the driver and passenger) and carry a Warthog

2.Hornet, Originally in halo 3, the hornet was a very useful in the larger scale maps of Halo 3. There so far are no UNSC air vehicals and I believe they should implement this vehical.

3.Phantom, The dropship for the covenant, able to transport 8 troops not(counting the driver and passenger) and able to transport covenant vehicals like Ghosts or wraiths(might be pushing it with wraiths but trying to keep to halo lore here).Also another feature would be the phantom could load troops through the grav lift beneath it or unload troops by pushing a button inside it.

All vehicals should be able to be high jacked, Phantoms/Pelacans would only be high jacked if an enemy is inside the ship itself.


1.Player generated item limits
Short description
players would be able to change the item limits higher or lower in forge menu.

2.Gravity Volumes
Love the map impact, but there are a few complaint I have. one is the inability to increase and decrease the size of the gravity volumes to make a proper space map. They should be able to increase or decrease like kill zones. another is the inability to adjust the Gravity volumes’ gravity setting.

3.Dominion Turrets
The automatic turrets in dominion are very good tools that i can see being used in other gamemodes like infection or big team or possibly SWAT.

4.Custom Game List
A custom game list would be a good idea for Halo 4. Think about it, you make a new awesome map that you want to show off but are too lazy or no one will join your game. whats the solution? A custom game list. Or if you don’t want to have your game open to strangers, set your game to private to block off any unwanted intruders into your brand new map. This would be a good feature because new maps created could be put into circulation within Halo 4 and more map makers would be finally be recognized.

If you want these suggestions in Halo 4 please vote YES in the poll and coment