Halo 4 ideaz

Can we haz Armor lock power up. Kinda like overshield but it’s armor lock you can walk around with.

Never ending dual AA’s so I can have both jetpack and camo that never end or show me when I shoot. So I can keep flying unseen and sniping.

Get rid of BR/DMR and pistol. Bring up the AR’s power, put on iron sights and make it kill as fast as COD.

Make jump height lower and walking speed slower so sprint is more useful and people can’t jump behind walls.

Make maps flat so nobody can hide behind stuff.

Make rockets and grnades have a bigger blast radious and 200% damage. They are under powered as they are. Make it so sticky nades can have a lock on feature.

Make it so when you are on sprees your shields get stronger.

Make leader traits 200% damage and 300% shields with 1x overshields with primary weapon rockckets with secondary lazer with 4 spare clips. thx!


Haha Love the troll<333333

No troll. I R serial.

If this was ever to be in a Halo game there is no reason to call it a Halo game… :slight_smile:

Haha okayyy 'Wink