Halo 4 ideas

get rid of armour lock.halo 3 combat.halo reach sounds.use reach weapons and halo 3 weapons.use the halo 3 assult rifle.use shields like jackals do in the campaign (only availible with dual wield weapons).4 types of grenades like halo 3.get rid of return to the battlefield on forged maps.bring back regenarator,flare,shield,mines (power ups) etc.have pick up stuff and powers.make sprint default.controls: rb sprint,lb power,rt shoot,lt grenade,r analogue stick click zoom,l analogue stick crouch,a jump,x reload,y change weapon,b hit(hold down to assasinate)if u have dual wielded weapons u can assasinate by kicking them to the floor and stomping on their head or shooting their head.right on d pad change grenade type right,left on d pad change grenade type left,d pad down night vision.d pad up releases power up.1 perk so u can choose your power up at the start and u can find power ups on the maps.swap armour lock with that blue shield thing.put rolling as sprinting can be defualt.bring back invisibiity and over shield orbs(keep the invisibility powers)in matchmaking start a new match after the end of a old match (not partying up)let people join in the middle of a game.whens a lot of people leave a game even out the teams.kills streaks:3 kills radar updater.5 kills :grunt runs in with 2 sticky grenades and throews them on enemies like in firefight.you direct where like in cod airstrikes.7 kills:auto turret you put where u want like in airstrikes in cod.like in that map in halo 3.custom controls.kinect on the rails firefight(online multiplayer or non online multiplayer) with voice commands for where to go.on campaign voice commands to tell other member to go.helicopters with rockets and some new vechils

thanks for reading my thought and opinions

theater with direct upload to youtube and facebook