halo 4 - ideas to apply in the future


I play halo reach and i will that you know my opinion about the game in 3 aspects.
First about the ranking system. In many shooters like cod and also in halo, that some people really want to win or really wanna have a good k/d. But who cares? Who cares about winning? In particular in cod. For many people is online is just online and playing for fun. But the difference between winning or losing is too small. For many people is the rule: oh, i got my kills and that’s it. They maybe probably wanna win but thats all.
But if you change the ranking system a little bit and change the real grade, being more critique about the credits you get in a match. Maybe 343 can upgrade the system by giving more credits when you win a game, if you have many kills, are your deads compare to your kills good, did you make some betraids or suisides? And with a win streak of 5 or higher you get an extra bonus. Or that you have the most kills in 5 games in a row?
All these components works maybe to create a better online experience so that players more ‘in the game’! Just play as a team together and win!

The second thing is forge. I find that there will be more climates where you can forge. Par exemple in snow, ocean, high mountains, desert, vulcano ereas and flat ereas. And that you can create water what can stream where you want. All these things must be think about it.

And the third is the gameplay. Now you have weapons with different types of blooms. These can maybe automatically change when you are aiming on different object. Close range will your bloom, reticle be larger than when you aimed on a long ranged object. Then it will be smaller for more accuracy. Its just an idea.

I hope you’ll think about this to apply this maybe later…

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