Halo 4 ideas post them here

Okay ive been thinking about this all day and some might not be so good but you decide
Heres some stuff that might help or be fun in Halo 4

First of all take out armor abilities change them to pick-ups/power-ups only have Holagram Jet pack active camo and spartans will all have sprint and if elites are in multiplayer the will start with evade.

First person vehicle driving- 343i should make you to be able to enable/disable first person vehicle driving and with first person deaths.

Ranking and armor- Ranking should be the same in Halo 3 but armor should be unlocked by ranking up, completing campaign levels, challenges ect. after you unlock the armor you have to buy it using the halo reach credit system.

Silencers- I know some people wont like this but i think it would be fun, you could enable silencers with some weapons or all in custom games, there could be a new upgraded invasion where it could be a stealth mission or something and when you shoot with a silencer you wouldn’t be on the radar.

SMG- Okay the SMG should come back definitely the one in ODST is really fun to use and looks awesome.

BR- Keep the DMR but bring back the BR

Longer campaign- There should be a Longer harder more action-packed campaign with a good story, there should be real stealth missions instead of just assassinating the first enemy then alerting the rest, where you would need a silencer a strategy and skill to complete it.

Assassinations- Keep the assassinations there awesome fun and cool to watch, maybe a few more though.

Dieing in a vehicle- I saw this in another post but when you die in a vehicle instead of just flying out of it randomly your body should stay in it and the next person to enter the vehicle would have to pull your body out if would to the same amount of time but it would be more realistic.

Armor Damage- When taking damage your armor should turn weathered and weaken your full shields
Or when you kill someone with a headshot their visor should crack

Infection upgrade- The zombies in infection should look like flood and there should be special maps for infection only.

New map pack- Kinda off topic but there should be a map pack called Memories or something with a ton of remakes of past maps from other halo games.



I think at the beginning of the campaign you should still be on the ship and you have to use your thrusters to get to a waypoint on the planet while dodging tons of debris and shooting stuff. There should also be underwater levels where you have to find something or kill something in the murky water your vision would be cut back a little and guns would sound different you would use your thrusters to get around fast. There should be new biomes vehicles and weapons. And idea i had was that you were ontop of a mountain or something tall and you have to slide or jump down it and hijack or land on a ship.

I didn’t like only the silencers and the DMR one. All other ideas were great. Also, this isn’t my idea, I read it in a reply here. They should make like combined abilities. Example, you sprint forward it’s all K, while sprinting go directly to the right side, and you’re gonna evade into that side. Also, press A once, you jump, press A twice, you activate you jet pack and stuff like that.

That would be fun but it might get confuseing for some people, I mean they should have the Silenced Piston and SMG from ODST atlease cause i loved those weapons

Yeah, those two weapons were epic. Also, about campaign. I believe it would be cool if we could get a few missions playing as the Arbiter. But how can we connect him to Chief. Easily. The ancient evil attacks Arbiters home world, he protects it. On a mission he finds out that the Chief is still alive and that he is the only hope for his home world. Then he goes on an epic journey to find the Chief while Rtas 'Vadumee stays and protects their planet.

Mabye there could be a rebellion or something worse . Or what if the UNSC found the cheif in space but there ships arent powerful enough to get there so they somehow contact the arbiter and they go out to find him but it takes a while so at the end they finally get there…

Or if it was a race that had ships he could be useing the hologram thing they use to abserve space to see incomeing fleets of enemys and he spots the ship cheif was on near the forerunner planet

I would like for there to be more vehicles and for them to be funner to use because in Reach I found that the vehicles were very bland and boring to use.

Mabye we could have a mission where you hijack a forerunner spaceship and fly it around destroying stuff

That would be intense.

And fun but maybe it could get shot and it would explode leaving you in space having you fly back to the planet before you air runs out