Halo 4 ideas for 343 2

This is a continuation of my chatter from my last post
MP customization and acquisition. Anybody who has played Reach knows about how you play matches, earn credits, rank up and buy your armor, it would be great if this system made a return in 4 because I personally think its much better than the “tear your hair out trying to get an achievement for armor” method Halo 3 had. Also I would like to see the massive amount of customization, things like visor color, knee guards, voice, attachments and wrists return and maybe even expanded upon. Also the Halo reach style of elite armor and visual differences between male and female spartans to make a return would be cool. But with the elite armor a lot of people would probably like it if elites had the same customization depth as spartans instead of the “one piece suit” thing that was used in reach. Also an off topic note about the spartans, if female spartans make a return and their -Yoink- is hanging out like in reach please find a way to block -Yoink- snaps from the file search. I’m not saying change the model, I’m just saying improve file detection to either block things like anime nudity and -Yoink- pictures or at least put them in their own “profanity category” so that they don’t get in the way of art and comedy screens. Anyway another thing I would like to have return is the actual height and gameplay differences between spartans and elites, and a way you could fix people changing to elites before swat matches is that they can’t change species while in a matchmade lobby, only in the main menu and forge, theater, custom game, campaign and matchmaking playlist select lobbies. Also new armor designs like the one in my profile picture, which is the S.P.I helmet, and any other new armor in addition to fan favorites like the Mk V and Mk VI helmets, and just new and popular armor in general.

  1. Viewpoints. I also thought it would be cool to have 3 options under settings titled “on foot viewpoint” vehicle viewpoint" and death viewpoint". on foot viewpoint could be where if its set to first person it’s the same way halo has always been while walking around, but if its set to third person its like in reach theater when you click in the right stick to make it third person but don’t move the sticks past that so that the crosshairs stay, because the camera is placed to the right enough so that you could play and still be able to defend yourself just as easily in third person as in first person. The vehicle viewpoint option would be like in Halo CE when you get in the passenger seat and it stays first person, only in this case it would be also when gunning and driving if you set it to first person, and classic halo style if set to third person. And finally death viewpoint would be classic camera flies out of your head and you spin it around if its set to third person, and if set to first person the camera still follows the characters eye direction, much like in RSV2, so if you fall flat on your back when you die the camera will be pointing straight at the sky, and if your character lands on his side or falls face to the ground he’ll be staring in those directions until respawn. These options would be under game settings, and the default would be on foot is 1st, driving is 3rd, and death is 3rd, so people would have to intentionally change it on their own.

  2. Forging. I remember hearing some rumors about increased forging capability in the Halo CE remake, the guy was saying things about being able to forge firefight maps and edit terrain. Things like adding hills, ditches, snow, rain, water etc. in addition to the standard buildings. These would be sweet inclusions in Halo 4 and also some things like interactive objects such as legit doors you can open and close with a “hold x to” prompt, but with a 2 second delay after opening and closing to prevent someone from lagging down the game by constantly opening and closing a door. Also things such as troop hogs, glass and civilian vehicles in forge are long time requests from the community. Also keeping things from halo reach forge such as the larger number of fx, and the fine editing and phased, fixed, and standard properties options would be great.

  3. Interactivity. I really thought it would be cool if you could have an LB prompt to do various interactions, which would be divided into player and environment. Player interactions would be bought just like armor, voices and armor effects. They would be things like giving a teammate a hi 5, slapping him on the back of the head, kicking him in the shin and things like that, and are triggered by running up to a teammate and holding LB. Environment interactions are not purchasable, and are triggered by running up to a movable object like a soda machine, heavy crate, desk , etc., and when you hit LB next to one of those things you are locked to it until you hit LB again, but while locked to it moving causes you to push, pull or slide left and right whatever movable object you are locked up against. However there are specifics, such as a spartan or elite pushing a desk will move faster than a spartan or elite moving a heavy crate, and pushing an object is faster than pulling or sliding it left and right because it’s being pushed forward, and elites push things a little bit faster because of their increased natural strength.

  4. Weapons and Vehicles. A lot of people want some of the old favorites back, such as the smg, brute shot, and chopper back. A really sweet thing to do would be to incorporate all of those fan favorite weapons and vehicles, bring back dual wielding, and add new weapons and vehicles into it as well. Another cool thing I would like to see more of is how there are covenant equivalents to human guns, one thing I had an idea for is a covenant plasma shotgun, I’m going to check the forum rules after I post this and if I can I’m going to put in a link to the Bnet forum where I first talked about it, it would be easier than rewriting it here.

  5. Misc. things. This is going to be a list of other things I was thinking of that don’t really go in with any other category. One thing that many machinima directors really want is xbl weapon lowering. A way you could do it to avoid what I heard about with Halo 3 is to make it non matchmaking but still over xbox live, so friends over live can still lower weapons in forge, campaign and custom games, but not public matchmaking. One thing I really want back in for Halo 4 is assasinations, and this is just a really optional side note but maybe a gore option in settings? if anyone comments leave a mention if you like the gore idea. Also I would like it if sprint is in Halo 4, because it’s so helpful when you get a flag stolen or bomb planted notice while you’re away from your base to be able to sprint back instead of doing that mild mannered trot your character does normally.

Ok so those are my ideas for Halo 4, and these are real idea suggestions I have for 343, so if they actually read these feel free to incorporate the ideas, I would be willing to pay $200 for halo 4 if the warzone thing alone made it in. And if anyone has their own ideas or knows how to really get 343 to notice this without spamming the comments up please mention it.

Was it necessary to make an entirely new thread for it?

Ok I went back and re-read the forum rules just to be safe and since I can’t find an edit post function here’s that bnet forum link I was talking about, it’s one I wrote that includes an idea I had for a covenant plasma shotgun. Let me know what you think


I Believe It’s Necessary. And He’s Got a Point. Those Changes Would Be Great.

couldn’t fit it all in one thread, otherwise I would have done that, it wouldn’t let me post it in one because of a limit on overall letters that my idea as a whole ran over, so I split it.

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Totally Good Ideas Buddy, Let’s Hope They Get In The Game, Keep Trying To Make 343 Read This, Everything Is Excellent, The Only Thing I Believe Would Be Hard Is The Interactions, I Mean, In “Army Of Two” You Can Interact With Your Partner, But It’s Only Because The Game Was Made For Player-to-Player Interactions, I Really Don’t Think It Would Be a Good Idea To Put Interactions Between Players, Since It Wouldn’t Be Nice To Get Kicked In The Chin In The Middle Of a 8 Versus 8 Match, Think About It, And Putting Interactions Just For Selected Gametypes (Campaign, Firefight, Custom Games And Forge) Might Need More Internal Processing, And Wouldn’t Allow The Game To Use That Valuable Space For Other Stuff. But While Thinking About This. I Thought It Would Be Great To Change Player-To-Player Interactions For Player Animations: Like You Would Press a Specific Combinations Of Buttons And Your Spartan/Elite (Or Other Player Model, If There Will Be Another One) Would Put His/Her Hands Up In a “Hurray” Expression, For Example. What Do You Think?

yeah that would be pretty sweet, and maybe they’ll be able to do it given how it’s got a while till it comes out and maybe they can sort something out, and while yeah it would suck to do that in the middle of an 8v8 match it would be pretty funny to see a teamkiller get knocked in the chin by an elite’s foot, and maybe if it becomes a space issue they can use 2 discs like in odst.