Halo 4 idea

In halo 3 they menchioned some of us made it. so im guessing the friget didnt run out of men there hav got to be some odst’s still alive on that frigget with the master chief so when he wakes up he lands on or in the planet with odsts and fights his way through and stuff i havnt got much of an idea of the campagn cuz i dnt want to ruin it so i hope u guys make it awesome

I think Cortana was talking about how the Forward Unto Dawn was bisected by the portal.

Yea i thought that she meant by “some of us made it” that they thought the Arbiter didn’t make it.

you could be right but this is just my opionion, that any marine or odst that did surivive left the ark with the other elites,
while Johnson took the Frigate to pick up the Mc and the Arbiter , as hes unable to be infected by the flood.

If you listen to the mission , all of the surviving Marines , ODST’s, and Naval Personnel leave aboard the Covie super carrier back to earth. They leave the dawn for the team blowing up the ring as their escape. So there were no humans on the ship… plus there was no power on it as well so nobody would really survive. Sorry on bursting your bubble. :confused: