Halo 4 i am a noob

can some one help me by giveing me tips for legendary campaign

Play Easy or Normal first?

Only use the Storm Rifle, and make sure you stand as far away as possible. You’ll breeze through!

Plasma Pistol + Headshot weapon

'nuff said :wink:

> Play Easy or Normal first?

I would play campaign on normal first just to get use to everything, then step it up to Heroic and Legendary then.


I don’t know how the Prometheans will work. But, for dealing with Elites, remember this one rule: The Plasma Pistol is your best friend.

I heard from various people that the Needler is great for Legendary this time, it wrecks all those -Yoinks!-. Plasma Pistol + Headshot will be a bit harder this time, because the overcharged EMP doesn’t track as much.

Wait till this guy puts out a guide. They are very good guides.

Play on Normal, then Heroic then Legendary. Then when you get to Legendary, you’ll need a lot of patience and the ability to use certain weapons effectively given the situation. Plasma pistol and Magnum and Needler for example. Sometimes you might just need to run, and run like hell. If you can run past a checkpoint and don’t need to kill some enemy to get past, or if there isn’t one completely in your way, then do that. Never waste your time on a situation/battle that can be avoided. Most of the time you will get a new checkpoint even if you avoided something.

the AI are scripted so it’s easy really.

If you want my advice here’s a few simple tips to beat the majority of Halo games on Legendary:

  1. Play the campaign through n normal or easy first just to get a feel for the game and understand what to expect.

  2. If you can, try and get your hands on a Plasma Pistol and Head-shot weapons. This will help you dispatch elites easily.

  3. Watch your shields. I often retreat if my shields fall below 25% and then wait for them to recharge before going back into battle.

  4. Play with buddies. You will be surprised at how easy Halo campaign ares with a few friends to help you.

  5. Don;t pull stupid moves. Don’t always go for the assassination or boarding a vehicle just because you can, about 70% of the time you will get yourself killed.

Use these tips and I can safely say your legendary campaign run will be easier and a lot less frustrating.

Play on heroic first, learn which weapons are best against which enemies.