Halo 4 hype thread

Sir Sly mentioned in his post, that this is the most hyped for halo that he has felt for a long time, and you know what, IM RIGHT THERE WITH HIM!


Im 23 years old and I have been enjoying halo since its birth. That’s like almost half my life! I grew up with master chief man!

To 343i- thanks for being who you are, and thank you so much for developing this game!

Every second that ticks by, is another moment closer to me standing in line grabbing my copy of halo 4, and hopefully there will be a halo 4 limited edition Xbox, so I can grab that too.

To anyone on these forums, who is just as positive and excited about the release of the soon to be greatest halo ever made, let’s enjoy this game together! I don’t have a 360 right now (holding out for that limited edition Xbox hopefully, if not, then I’ll just get a normal one) either way, if you love halo as much as I do, let’s be friends on these forums until the game is released, then, we can be spartan buddies in the game, and enjoy co op, spartan ops, and have a blast killing and dying in infinity matchmaking TOGETHER!

Thats what the spirit of halo has always been for me. Enjoying it with good friends who love halo just as much as me. Sure, halo by myself is awesome, but when you have someone to share that feeling with, it makes it all the more exciting and fun!

So join me now brothers! Sisters! Let us prepare for halo 4, and when the time comes, I hope to have a good group of halo friends to play that wonderful game with!

Im super excited i love everything im seeing and i cant wait i think this will be one to the best halo game to this date

I had a dream that i was about to plat the campaign last night and then i woke up!!!

I’m so sorry lol

That sucks!