Halo 4 HUD signal lights

ok so we all know that Spartans have status lights in their HUD to signal team mates and stuff? well halo 4 is meant to be functional, i want these on my HUD!

every halo book has them (except contact harvest and a few evolutions things) and I want them, how ever in halo 4 we have 3 little things under the shield bar could this be status lights?

I hope so i really want them, even better if i could click like down on the Dpad to signal to marines to stay still or move forward in campaign that would be awesome, what do you guys think :slight_smile: ?

I think only Spartans have the status lights, not marines, therefore it would be useless in Halo 4.

If Fred, Kelly and Linda come back in Halo 5 tho, it could work.