Halo 4 - How to safe the next Halo

Halo was one of the most original and unique games ever made. Its core gameplay and balanced gameplay were really good. Of course I understand they can’t just go back to the old Halo way because then they would get a lot of dislike from reviewers because they went backwards and to traditional. Change isn’t bad as long as they don’t fix what isn’t broken. Unfortunately they fixed things that weren’t broken and that is Halo 4. At least now they can fix what is broken(H4)and make Halo 5. I still really like Halo 4 but this is probably because I never really played other halo’s. When I went to Halo 3 I really noticed what they did with the old school Halo and now. After reading about the post that they hired people who hated people and that they first made a real traditional Halo 4 and then changed it because some people wanted it after they showed there first Halo 4. People said this is Halo! And right after that they said but it is JUST halo. After reading that I thought WTF! Now they ruined it and lost 90% of the population.I don’t think they can save Halo 4 but they can save the franchise if they make sure they fix the new things they added in Halo 4 and I trust and believe and hope 343 learned from there mistakes.

I still really like Halo 4 but 343 please understand the mistakes you guys made. I know it’s your first game and 'm not going to hate on you guys. But please try to keep the things that made Halo unique and great. Balanced and fair classes is one of them. Also get rid of random ordanance it sucks and let the normal power weapon spawn return.

I wish 343 a lot good luck with their next Haloand I hope they learned and make a big comeback.

Good thread :] I hope 343 see’s this (also the population became higher in a couple playlists today so that’s nice to see) I hope 343 does learn from their mistakes

I think 343 will make the next Halo better, because worse would be virtually impossible!