Halo 4. How it could work.

After the recent release of information from the Game Informer magazine, some people have become angry or upset with 343i. Though I understand why these people, maybe you, are angered by these changes from the core Halo formula,limited information can cause people to believe a game will come out worse than it ever would. When Reach was a month away from being released, Bungie talked about Armor Effects and people said they would destory realism. Not Armor abilities, but effects. Granted the changes to Halo 4 are obviously bigger than a flame on your head, but I know some are overreacting. Here is why:

Custom Loadouts:
Now I understand why people do not like this. It breaks the concept of how every player starts out equal at the start of the match. The most important thing I can say is it is unlikely they would remove games that start out players equal. I believe one video showed a player playing BR Slayer already. I have an idea on how these two ways of gaming will be divided in the multiplayer which I will explain latter. Some things people need to think about is how the new fraction will bring in new primary weapons making different play styles. They cannot make ten different gametypes to accomadate this. Also it will allow different ways to compleate spartan ops. Which brings me to.

Spartan Ops:
Spartan Ops is the new firefight. I believe most people are alright with this. Spartan Ops could be a big thing, too. It could show the gaming industry that there are ways to bring people back without making them pay $10 for a map pack. It is also a way to intertwine the story to all parts of the game. Co-op is a big part of games now and a way to make Halo different from the Horde. Though this may not matter as much as some multiplayer concepts such as…

Spartan Points:
Spartan Points (Which needs a name change) can be a decent way to reward players. The key word is reward. Now I liked the 1-50 system but Exp had some flaws which is not the point of this post, it can however show the flaws in Reach’s system too. Credits didn’t reward the player, they where handed out for staying in the game. While Exp only cared if you won, not what you really did for your team to win. Spartan Points could be simple. Points for kills, medals, and more. Maybe a .5 multiplier for losing. It may sound like the Battlefield system, but sometimes newer games influence is good. Some people may things from the past are bad like…

Armor Abilities:
Armor Abilities is tough to talk about for me. They haven’t talked about what they’ve done to them from reach really. What I do want to point out is 343 saw the community did not like some ways they changed the game and in the title update fixed a few of them. I think they will stay on the path of making them effective but not too powerful. Also Forerunner vision will be like Invisibility, it will stick for you or you will move to a more effective one. Another thing people are concerned about in multiplayer is…

Drop-in Drop-out:
This is one of those ways Halo needs to change. This would compliment greatly with the Spartan Points. Got your team kills, but got to go because of a fire in the kitchen, take your points and leave. It would also allow for bigger longer games. Like a Slayer match until a team gets 250 kills. “250!!!” says someone, “That will take forever”. Not with…

Instant respawms:
This is one of those that was not necessary, but smart. It can make games go faster and since they have a timer still just in case you are bad at quickly pressing buttons I would imagine they could remove instant respawns. Also we have the question of how will betrays be punished now?

Drop Pod Weapon Spawns:
This is one of the easy ones since I have a feeling that you will be able to time these and see the path they follow. Another point is normal weapon spawns are a little to easy to make that I doubt they would remove the ability to make them. Also, what about indoor maps?

Now I wrote about Halo 4 information, but in the title I wrote “How it could work”. Though I think I explained that above, with this multiplayer system which has been mentioned by others I think it will work.

Multiplayer System:

Rumble Pit
Action Sack

Look familiar…
In this system Ranked would work like Halo 3, it could have a 1-50 system if people wanted it. The Social playlists would have the loadouts, instant respawn, Armor abilities, and drop-in drop-out. I think everyone would be happy with this and I would be happy to get people’s oppinions.

Also to point out, you know how I wrote mainly on the new stuff, magazines work like that too. The olds still there, but people buy GI to see what is new.


> Agreed. 343 should do this. I hope so! I’ll be happy!

I appreciate that you like this and I hope others do to.

I agree