Halo 4 How did you die?

Why is your K/D not so good anymore?

Oh shall I inform you, it’s probably because your killed instantly after spawning.

How many times can you honestly say you were killed by a NON Power weapon anymore?

Discounting regular types, this applies mainly to Big Team battle and Dominion.

So how many banshee bombs, Tanks, Snipers, Rockets?

How did you die?

Nothing like getting insta-gibbed when I spawn because of a power camper. It happens WAY more than it should.

I love when you go to grab a power weapon and a sniper blasts your head OFF

I like how because of ordinance drops, instead of one power weapon on the map that everyone tries to get first, EVERYONE has one.

(sense the sarcasm?)

I want to play a skilled game, not a “point in the general direction and watch them die” game.

2+ overall k/d, get at me.

Matchmaking aside…I got roflstomped by binary Crawlers…actually any sniper on legendary.

This thread is just begging to be a whining hub.

Power weapons aren’t that bad. I never die “instantly.”