Halo 4... how can u call that halo

I think im a COD player in a suit of armor.

Load outs – COD
Random Care Package for getting kills – COD
Rank up for playing the game win or lose – COD

What happen to matchmaking in halo?

I remember playing halo fight for my level 50, trying to get Map Control, and Starting with my one gun and fighting to control the better ones. This game use to be competitive why does 343 have to baby new players? I recall when I started Halo 2 and get whooped playing. it just made me wanna play better.

Now it seems Halo has turned itself into a COD game. I do see halo in this game but I thought I was getting back to at least halo 3 … nope I get a more crap version of halo reach. The only thing is see they keep the same was the shields so you need a team effort to win.

I really hope there a MLG playlist where u have No abilities and one start Weapon with other weapons on the map, and lastly a rank that based on your skill then how much time you waste on the game playing all day.

If this is how 343 is doing halo matchmaking then ill sadly have to get off this game. Cause if im gonna play a COD game ill play COD and not buy another Halo again.

I been playing Halo from the start…
Halo 2 online was the most fun for me you had to be “GOOD” to level up … and I was no high level but I enjoy every second of it. Halo 3 play the games matchmaking got to level 50. it had ranks and a social play list was fun. Reach I was disappointed and played very list matchmaking. jet packs and no ranks.

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Also check out “Bvenged” post on page 4. its how I feel.

COD is so integrated into this game its crazy, I agree with you a million percent on a difficult system. That was definitely great. Halo is known for being a competitive game, not one that anyone can pick up and be good at instantly.

Oh… another one of these threads.
This game is amazing! Been playing Halo since CE.

So have I.

I’ve played Halo since CE as well, I’ve always enjoyed halo and have only owned 1 cod game I felt cod was more of spray and pray and Halo actually took skill and strategy.

I hate Halo 4 so much I have to TRY to insert that disk into my xbox it just feels so boring Hell I could play Halo Reach for hours and it wasn’t even that good but its a million more times competitive then Halo 4. I can breathalyze plays Halo 4 for 45 mins before getting bored to death.

I agree with everything he stated this game offers no incentive to skill just if you play alot you’ll rank up and you don’t even have to get kills or anything just play ALOT. Get thrown into games where you down 30 kills YUP that’s sure is fun… No repercussion for Quitting???

What exactly are we playing for a good KD? Just go play Big Team Battle any monkey can go +10 easy.

No Weapon Spawns encourages Camping!

I agree, halo does not need any sort of armor ability besides an integrated sprint. I myself have played halo since '03 (CE) and got my first real halo game at the Midnight release of Halo 2. custom classes are not needed, and having Over powered precision weapons all the time is just obnoxious. I miss the good ’ days, this wont change unless we create a petition. I also want to being up the issue of why is 343 taking playlists out when I can practically count the playlists on one hand?..

i personally like the changes added to the game, while it does feel a bit like other first person shooters , i think it enhances the skeleton that was halo 3. But you are right, there should at least be the option to play without these changes (MLG).

When they finally touch halo 2, they best make sure to keep the game the way it is. and only make it HD, because this crap that keeps happening to a good franchise is just a joke, I have owned every halo game since I was 7, this is just sad. I hate this non-competitive crap.


I want to like Halo 4, I want to get into and enjoy myself but I cant because you have added so much “CoD” and taken away so much “Halo”, thats all we have left is a generic FPS.

Im really trying to stay with Halo 4 but if nothing changes, I’ll be gone for good very soon.

No one that fully enjoys halo 4 has played halo competitively – it is a fact. Ask any MLG player, or top 100 across playlist h2/h3 player. Halo 4 isn’t competitive and it wasn’t made to be. The shooting is tremendously easier than prior games and bads continually level up regardless of performance. What 343 did was simple, tap into a market that Bungie and Halo tried so hard to stay away from, the average “bad” fps player market where they play to kill time and have no interest in winning, yet merely “having a good time.” It is over, the game is complete and we have but no hope except to wait for MLG playlists, but even then the mechanics are user friendly to the point where it mind as well be mario party.

I think 343 Wants some of that COD money

I don’t call it Halo I call it COD with shields… because it is

yea that’s the truth … how I feel every time I play

> Oh… another one of these threads.
> This game is amazing! Been playing Halo since CE.

I’d wager that most of us have been playing since CE. But we arent so blind with our love of Halo that we’re going to ignore the flaws this game has.

No 343. Don’t listen to thsi guy he’s a -Yoinking!- idoit who thinks this game is not Halo even though it still is. That goes for you too Pryde. This game still plays like Halo even with some of the new stuff that was used in COD.

How can we call this Halo? Lets see…

‘Master Chief is here.’ - Check.
‘UNSC is Here’ - Check.
‘Covenant enemies like Grunts and Elites are here.’ - Check.
‘Forerunner technology/lore is here’ - Check.
‘UNSC, Covenant, & New Forerunner weapons’ - Check.
‘Shields are still here.’ - Check.
‘Aside from some new changes to the multiplayer the game still plays the same as the previous Halo titles’ - Check.

Yeah i’d still call this Halo.

I really miss weapon and map control. Competitive Halo is sadly dead. The perks are useless. The AA are passable. The forerunner weapons are not impressive. I really miss the brutes.

Calling in weapons is a not so wise idea. It just prompts camping. The flow of the game is disrupted. What i don’t get what happened to the chaos from dropped nades. After a gun fight you had so many nades on the floor, one nade sets of a crazy chain reaction. Why is it a perk to pick up nades.

343i next halo should be made Halo not CoD!

> I think 343 Wants some of that COD money

Yup. Nothing short of -Yoink!- money grabbing from CoD Kiddies. Too bad doing this butchered the game’s competitive aspects leaving it to be nothing more than Generic FPS 4.

That’s right, this game is not Halo.
It promotes the beginners with the quick release system and gives a chance even to players who do nothing part. This totally imbalance the parties with a very high luck factor.
Very often my team a part and is literally crushed with sniper and rocket drops in the opposing camp.
This system increasingly favors the camp throughout the game, the players with the invisibility camped at the bottom of the card with a sniper or a boltshot kill more and more the interest of this game. I am level 59 and I’m already tired of this frustrating game, and I can’t find the sensations that I had on the previous Halo.
It’s a Call of Duty Halo sauce, the BTB is dead with unnecessary vehicles that destroy 2 seconds because of the package which gives access to the plasma gun.

This Halo is not competitive, it is fun but we tired quickly and the maps are terrible disappointed short…

Sorry for my english i use a translator.

Agree with OP this game is catered to BKs

Halo 3 was hard as hell and it took practice to get good…I miss that

Like map control when a PW would spawn…that made the game alot harder and more strategy based n