Halo 4 hog drive away last level?

Remember in halo 1 and 3 how the last level was about flooring a warthog to a specific air vehicle to fly away? Well, i know all the levels are set, but are you hoping for one again in halo 4where chief floors his hog to a ship or longsword whatever, and as the door closes, he waves politely like a smart -Yoink!- to a promethian or something?

And im hoping for a scene where chief tricks cortana that the banshee wont pull up, and crashes into a building, and he climbs up really proud of himself like in halo 1?

What are youhoping for?

I’m not sure about Halo 4 or 5, but I’d bet a large sum that Halo 6’s final stretch will happen on wheels.

Goddamnit, never again please. I rolled my eyes through the whole end segment of Halo3.

That’d be cool, but I’d prefer to have it at the end of Halo 6. Reminiscent of the original trilogy.

You waged the war, now it’s time to conclude the chaos. *now, that was just blarging stupid*