Halo 4 helmet

When Halo 5 & HALO 6 come out for when unlocking armors please have it set up the old fashion way. Which is level up to unlock stuff telling people to download an app “king of the hill” for iphone or android and driving out to a 7 eleven that is near you “if one is even near you” to conquer 7 eleven as a hill to unlock an armor is mentally annoying and a complete waste of time. Please do not have anything as silly as this set up again.

I live in England. Lets just say that the nearest 7/11 is a few thousand miles away. I don’t think I will EVER get the Locus helmet, unless they release it to the public. Which is a shame, I like the look of it.

I hate exclusivity at the best of times, but exclusivity based on where you live? Nope, its just silly.