Halo 4 Headshot Hitbox with Video Take a Look

As we all know the Hit box for headshots is kinda crazy on Halo 4, take a look for yourself to see just how crazy.


thats how iv’e been getting those -Yoink- deaths when i see the guy doesn’t even aim at me but still gets a headshot or i get shot behind a wall.

i new something was up it felt way to easy aiming fix this crap 343

…That is so ridiculous.

It is crazy I literally purposfully miss every time!

Does anyone need me to make any other vids btw?

I knew something was up… good vid, thanks!

this is nothing new, its been this way in previous halos as well.

it isn’t due to the hit boxs, it due to bullet magnetism, when any part of your reticule is touching a hit box then bullet magnetism is activated to insure that you actually hit the person.

kill cam is not 100% accurate guys so its more of a see what killed you cam not a how you got killed cam

You are all setting up a crap test and not looking at the results correctly.

The guy is like 5 feet away, any red reticule headshot is going to count at that distance.

What the guy needs to do is those same tests as very close range (like this video), close range, mid range, long range, extreme long range. Then compare the results.

Then you also need to test those on moving enemies via LAN & online from local vs. international.

Distance, movement, weapon selection, latency and reticule placement all factor into a hit or miss function.

This video tests very little scenarios and misinterprets the results from a very close range with both players standing still. Silly.

At least they cant be as bad has Halo 2’s hitboxes.

UGHHHHH…Quit complaining. Why are you guys even concerned about this? It adds an edge to the game. Get off it already and just play the game. It’s been out for a two days now…chill out.


It must include spartan EGO into the hitboxes?

Explains when i always seem to get hit…

I dont even have to watch that video.
The aimbot 343 have installed is ret ard ed and takes all the effort out of MM.
The sniper rifle and DMR are a f’ing joke.

I agree i thought it was crazy

So if the gun says you are aiming at him and you pull the trigger it kills him? Blew.My.Mind.

There is a circle where the bullet goes, if there is no recoil the shot goes where that circle is.

I purposefully missed several times, and still got the hit.


If the reticule is red, its hitting the opponent no matter what.

aside from the video post… i will say the hit boxes, or (magnetism boxes as i have dubbed them) are not very accurate as i have been head shotted from across maps, watched replay and saw that i wasnt any where near the redicule of the guy that shot me. i have numerous vids in my temp history i half tempted to upload, but i would be all day just uploading the fail in hitbox detection.

call it lag call it “skill” w/e, hitboxes are either off by alot or inteneded to be 3x the size of your spartan and rectangular in width. heck, ive even killed someone and wasnt even aiming at them. panic mode pull trigger, get kill… watch replay… What the yoink … i wasnt even aiming at that guy…

nuff said