Halo 4 Has Potential And Here's How

Ranking System 1-50 Visible in Game
Include more maps
Include Doubles, Snipes, in a more timely manner before the release of BLOPS2
Include more gametypes, CTF in BTB, zombies H3 gametype in Flood,
Include Community Maps for doubles and head to head playlist

Do it fast. Wait, and then my friends are gone probably forever. :frowning:

This game was a disgrace compared to Halo2 and Halo3 SO FAR. But I see the potential for it to compete with Halo 3.

Totally agree!!With all of it! Bravo good sir
Also IMO get rid of some of the new stuff like staying in scope when getting shot,Add good connection option, Add what killed who in the kill feed for eg Bob SNIPED billy(sniper kill) or Billy DISINTEGRATED bobby(Incineration canon)etc.

I can handle some of the new -Yoink-. But this game has so much more potential.

I really hope they don’t think they did a perfect job and wait a whole -Yoinking!- week to bring changes to the game.

There is just no pleasing some people -_- lol

op you are so right, if its not done quick people will be leaving in droves. imo.

I like some of the new change. But they fell short on delivering.

If it’s not Halo2/Halo3 like ranking system wise, I will likely rage or stop playing.

I can handle the new guns and sprint to a certain extent.

But holy mother -Yoinking!- -Yoink-, get these playlists straightened out FASTER.

We can be pleased.

Let’s see if 343i responds.

This is not like Reach, where if they responded, it did not really matter w/ that game it sucked -Yoink-.

1-50 visible ranks and no guests will never ever happen again.

ugh. disgusting.

It can and it will.

BLOPS2 has copied the ranking system of Halo3.

Let’s see how their community responds to it.