Halo 4 has done something awesome!

I keep hearing stuff like ‘this is OP’ or something along those lines. But as I continued to play Halo 4 I figured out all the guns are perfectly imbalanced and 343 has achieved the perfect imbalance.

If your not fimilar with this concept here is a link to a vid that explains it very well. -----> http://extra-credits.net/episodes/perfect-imbalance/

Now what do I mean by this. Well when I played I figured out that every gun was overpowered to a point. The AR can wipe the floor with all weapons in CQC but outside that realm it isn’t. Same for BR DMR etc. This leads to a very good gameplay style of constantly new tactics and always fresh gameplay rather than the chess like experience that everyone wants gameplay. So when you think a gun is OP just think on what that gun is good at and then adept to fight it. Thats what I do not everything needs to be patched you just need to adept.

Now bruvas please respond!