Halo 4 has a prologue

On one of IGNs most recent videos, this guy talks about how he got to play mission 1 and 3 of Halo 4. The video is called “Campaign something” or vice versa. Anyways, he mentions that Halo 4 has a prologue. I dont know if it’s just cinematics or actually playable. It probably explains what happens between the end of Halo 3 and the beginning of Halo 4. So what do you think?

Pretty sure they said this before. It’s going to be for people who probably don’t know the story very well; a brief summary of Halos 1-3?

It’s just a short cinematic basically telling the story of Halo from Wars to 3. This was mentioned a while back before E3 in Gameinformer. It’s main purpose is really just for newbies to Halo.