Halo 4, Guru 7.4 (Download new forge map)

Map Name: Guru 7.4
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Gametypes: 4v4- Slayer, CTF and King Of The Hill.

Video of Guru 7.4

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Pictures of Guru 7.4

This map was created purely for competitive players.
As a lot of people like myself who felt the out of the box maps never really give competitive Halo players what they wanted I decided to make a map. Making a map was harder than I thought because I never wanted to just create a remake or base it off another map in the Halo world, I wanted to create something that has its own feel and unique way of playing. After many tests, tweaks and input from other players I think I have the answer… Guru V7.4 made for Team Slayer, CTF & KOTH, I also thought about the new 4 shot BR settings when making this map.