Halo 4 Gun Sounds have to be changed!

Does anybody else feels this way? I am very displeased with the way the weapons shown so far sound, specially with the BR (and I’m no BR lover). I know it’s supposed to be war games instead of matchmaking, but those weapons sound like guns that shoot -Yoink- or kisses chocolates. It sounds very unrealistic since guns are supposed to sound high for the power they carry. They just sound like guns out of a disney game. They make me wanna punch the wall when I hear theiri sound for their lack of epicness (and I’m not the type of person to get worked over a game). I don’t know guys, this guns makes the game feel uncomplete, therefore it should be changed now that there’s time just the way the first helmet on Halo: Combat Evoled Anniversary caused some people to dislike it andthey changed it.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8gYT86TPMw&feature=g-all-u (minute 2. Couldn’t find the interview so this should do the job)


IMO im not liking this new composer very much.

Thoughts and ideas?

the br sound that we’ve heard so far was from an older build so its been improved. As for the other guns i am not sure but from a lot of the reviews i have read it seems like the plasma pistol sounds very epic


Here is the interview

yeah i saw that interview but the sound is muffled and its not completly layered yet. I hope when they do finish layering it, that it sounds better then what we’ve heard so far.