Halo 4 glitched for me

So I just finished wetwork on my account and I got pioneer on my friend’s xbox and when I logged in back at home I went from an SR 70 to an SR 78. I think I hit my max cap as I can’t get anything else… I am all for the free ranks, but if my xp is glitched I would be all for the specialization reset. I’ve been commedation boosting with some friends and I’ve gotten atleast 10K XP but its stuck 10403. In game it says I get it, then after wards after the game its back at 10403 / 60470.

After games I don’t get any screen that I earned XP so I assume thats a hint I hit my cap? I would just like some kind of verification. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump. :3

The cap doesn’t put your rank back, it just stops you from earning more. I had a similar experience before where I earned 13000 points, but I lost it the next day. It seemed that my rank failed to save how much point I really did have. So I don’t know if your rank is related to your xbox’s hard drive being unable to keep track of the exact rank, or the Halo 4 disc isn’t communicating with the hard drive.

That’s only explanation I can think of.