Halo 4 Glitch - Get out of Midnight

For the video: click here
Hey guys, BurningHero74, and today I’m going to show you how to get out of the mission “Midnight” using your Broadsword! Now, although doing this doesn’t really much (you can’t machinima, you can’t jump pass checkpoints), it’s really cool to be able to just fly around and look at 343 Industry’s level design.
To get out of the level
A) go to Midnight Rally Point Alpha
B) Choose your skulls and difficulty
C) Fly through the mission until you reach your first checkpoint/loading (This is the glitch location)
D) Fly all the way to the end of the corridor
E) Before going into the next room, fly straight up and to the left (where there is a gap in the construction of the level)
F) Avoid hitting the floor, and as soon as the floor disappears, fly down

That’s pretty cool I’ll check it out later.