Halo 4 Getting Competitive Skill Rank System!

For those of you who are still bitter that Halo 4 doesn’t have a competitive skill rank system yet, here is a link with news that 343 is in the process of creating such a system.

I think its a good idea for 343 to allow us to play for a bit before the ranking system comes out. I like it because they can match people up who of similar skill starting at level 1 if they use the invisible true skill to match us up when the new ranks system comes out.

Also, another thought… do you think it is a good idea to require new players to complete enough matches to receive an invisible true skill rank before recieveing a visible rank 1-50? This will prevent people from creating new accounts just to play against lower levels, and will force them to play a few games before they can get a number rank. By playing those few games the computer will already know what the individuals skill level is and match him up with similar skill. thought?

Please respond to any and all that you desire. :slight_smile:

You are about 2 weeks late to class. This is not acceptable.

OT: 343 Letting us play before implementing the CSR is a good move as they are able to track out statistics and then give us a skill rank immediately.