Halo 4 gamers respond

I’ve conducted a survey of 100 random Halo 4 players and here are the results.
Note that this does not reflect the entire community, only a small portion.

Q:Compared to the previous Halo games how do you think Halo 4’s campaign ranks?
16% Said above average
45% thought it was Average
39% thought it was below average

Q: Do you like the direction the multiplayer is going?
40% Said they were indifferent about the direction
25% Disliked the direction
35% People said they liked the direction

When asked which developer they preferred a whopping 78% said Bungie while 22% said 343i.

I asked the participants if they wanted Halo 5 to be more like the classic games.
38% Said no
62% Said yes

So what do you guys think? And thanks if you were part of this.