Halo 4 Gameplay Review (COMPETITIVE Player)

This is my review for the online aspect of Halo 4’s GAMEPLAY. No maps, no bits and pieces. Just the gameplay as a whole.

Gameplay is very good with Halo 4. Guns are the most evenly powered I have ever seen in any Halo I have played. No gun is too overpowered. Maps aren’t too bad either. 343 said that they wanted to make your position in the map memorable, and they definitely did that. Now, here comes the bad parts. While guns are evenly matched, grenades are, in my opinion, where the gameplay gets bad. Grenades have an incredibly small blast radius, do very little damage, and take quite a long time to blow up. I liked previous Halo titles, because if someone ran around a corner, I could throw a grenade and at least know I damaged him. Halo 4 takes that assurance away, and I don’t think that is right at all! Armor Abilities are back, and they’re definitely a step down as well. Armor Abilities in Halo:Reach felt very balanced. While it might just be familiarity talking, I feel that the Armor Abilities we have now are not balanced, and they just simply don’t make sense. Prom Vision allows you to see through walls and tell where your enemy is while activated… can you say overpowered? Then there comes the spiritual successor to the Armor Lock; the Hardlight Shield. This Armor Ability basically does everything Armor Lock does, except it doesn’t. It saves you from taking damage, but it doesn’t stand up at all against power weapons such as rocket launchers, energy swords or even grenades. Also, it only protects you from the front, and your sides and back are left totally exposed. This is an absolutely terrible AA to whip out in the middle of a heated battle. Some of the others are Active Camo which is the only truly decent AA in Halo 4 for the time being, and then they have Jetpacks and thrusters, which are like jetpacks, but they just quickly propel you forward in short bursts.

Overall the fighting and shooting is great. But, in my opinion, everything else (grenades and AAs) should just be out of the picture. They’ll simply not add anything special to the game, or they’ll make your experience worse. Halo 4 is a great game composed of a lot of bits and pieces. And, while the Online shooting deserves a 10/10, the fatal drawbacks of worthless grenades and underpowered or overpowered Armor Abilities force me to give the Multiplayer a still decent, but not perfect, 7.5/10. Maybe in the future the rating will turn higher. I mean, we are still in the Pre-Release version, and we’re only just finding out what this game has to offer. I just wish the Multiplayer didn’t try to over-pack its punch.

Did you just say Armour abilities in reach was balanced?

i stopped reading right there…

LOL… that’s why I said it might be familiarity talking. And, to be fair, this game’s AA’s aren’t balanced either. I really just wrote this review to let out some steam cuz of those godforsaken-to-hell grenades… HAHA!

On some fronts I think you completely missed the point, but on others I think you were very reasonable and I would agree with you on those.

For the guns, I agree that they are very well balanced (a lot of people see the DMR as overpowered compared to the BR but I think they just have different purposes and I do well with both). I also agree that the grenades are underpowered. That was one of the first things I noticed is that grenades I expected to take damage from left me unharmed. If they turn up the damage radius slightly I would be fine with it.

As for Armour Abilities I think that 4 is much more balanced than reach was. Promethean Vision, while it does give you a large benefit, is not going to allow you to rule the battlefield. It has VERY limited usage time, you can’t scan the area with it, you basically use it to see if there is someone in a specific spot or to quickly see where someone went. Not to mention it gives you away when you use it and is combated by Active Camo.

I also think the Hardlight shield is much better than Armour Lock. In reach it took one guy with Armour Lock and he could destroy vehicles with ease. There was also those who duck in and out quickly so that you punch them in AL which drops your shields, they pop out and finish you off with a punch. Though it is defeatable and not a sure tactic, it took away from game balancing. The very thing I like about the hardlight shield is that it can be defeated with a grenade or swarming around them, it removed the “Invincible while active” element that armour lock had.

Can’t complain about Jetpack, but Thruster Pack is way to weak. It barely moves you when you use it. I think they should have implemented it so you move just as fast and far as roll but it has 1 use instead of 2.

Overall, I think Halo 4 is the best installment in the Halo Franchise so far and I look forward to getting online again tonight.

To be honest, I think most if not all complaints about this game boil down to two things. The first ordinance drops and the second is everyone being spawned with dmr, br etc. Everyone is always complaining about playing against “tryhards”. Well what do you expect? Everyone is playing to win and of course going to use the utilitarian weapons the most. Seriously this is the most balanced halo I have ever played where everyone is playing like a good player. Isn’t that a good thing?