Halo 4 : Gameplay opinion

<mark>Just to let you guys know, this is just my opinion and many of you might agree or</mark>
<mark>disagree but this is my opinion on the game so far.</mark>

Multiplayer gameplay Opinion

  • At first the multiplayer was new fun and amazing. I feel like a lot of the
    excitement for it was because of the hype and well it being another halo game.
    I do love this game and it is fun but i feel like its missing something. I feel
    like there isnt really a incentive to play or win. I was really hoping this issue
    would have been fixed because thats exactly how reach was. This game needs a
    ranking system because that is really the only thing that will keep this game
    from getting dull like halo reach. Its a great game but at times it feels familiar like reach.

Multiplayer Playlist selection:

  • I feel like this game lacks a lot of things based on its playlist choices. I really see where they were going with separating objective playlists but that really wasnt a necessary thing to do. Oddball, king of the hill and ctf should
    all be in a object playlist with them being the top 3 choices when you start up a match.


Option 1: CTF on Ragnarok
Option 2: Oddball on Complex
Option 3: KOTH on Haven

These are examples and obviously there would be different maps for each

That is how the choices should be in a object playlist that has all of them
together. This would allow for more playlists and for better options. I mean if
you are gonna play objective then you should know what you could get as a choice.

Big Team Infinity Slayer:

  • BTB was a favorite of mine ever since halo 2 and doesnt quite feel
    the same. I do like the new infinity slayer but i feel like its almost in comparison with big team heavies in halo reach. They need to add CTF and other objective type gametypes that were also in reach for it to be fun and no so

Headhunter not in 4:

  • This gametype was something new and i felt like it was fun and something different. The only new gametype that feels new and different really in dominion. I would like to headhunter return in halo 4.

Rumble pit not included:

  • I was never a huge rumble pit fan but i did play it occasionally in all halo
    games. So why its not there doesnt make sense to me. I would like to see this return.

Custom Games ruined:

  • I loved to play custom games every now and then to see what crazy things people
    would come up with in this game. I really hope they fix the file browser so i can once again play fan creations and just have fun.

Campaign and Spartan ops Without theater:

  • I thought theater in both firefight and campaign was a cool feature and also allowed fans to come up with cool screen shots or just to show something crazy that happened to them from the campaign. I really dont know why they got rid of this but i hope they can add this in a title update.


  • I enjoy this game and i love it because its halo. I feel like if the game was given a longer period of development then it wouldn’t have so many issues. I think since they wanted to compete with cod is why they didnt finish so much. I hope many things will be added later and it sucks we all have to wait. I actually like reach for some things and i feel halo 4 didnt even include simple things that reach had like being able to nudge objects precisely in forge. But as there are many things i dont like that halo 4 seemed to forget about it is a great game and i will be playing it for some time. I feel like a ranking system was crucial day 1 and they didnt add that but claim that one will be added early 2013. I hope you all enjoyed reading this.

Now please leave a comment with your opinion of your experience. Agree or disagree but dont forget these are just opinions. Thank you for your time.

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I’m having alot of fun playing it. 343 did not dazzle me though this game is mediocre it has so much potential.

yes this game would be so much better with a patch
that it could be better then halo 2 or up there with it

I think it’s a great game that will get better with time and adjustments. I think maybe the super high expectations kind of damper peoples impressions a little bit…

> I think it’s a great game that will get better with time and adjustments. I think maybe the super high expectations kind of damper peoples impressions a little bit…

yeah i can agree with that

Agree on everything. Halo 4 has tremendous potential but it will need a patch/update or 2. Not every game is perfect especially a few weeks after launch, remember Halo 2 pre-patch