Halo 4 Gameplay MONTAGE - E3 Gameplay

Hey everyone, I was working on a montage for about 5 days after E3 ended, and I released it just a couple days ago. Just to let you know, I’m am not great with sony vegas yet. And I made it all in sony vegas.

Since this is my only real sort of montage I’ve made, I’d love to hear your thoughts! It isn’t the easiest thing putting them together, I now know. Its a time consuming thing to do but its still enjoyable, please give me critical feedback for my future montages! Thanks for reading, also sub if you enjoyed because thats the channel I upload all my halo videos.

Halo 4 Gameplay Montage link!

Youtube Channel - xxoen

Thanks for watching, and again please leave critical feedback, hope you enjoy!

Very well done RuffRyder

> Very well done RuffRyder

Thank you mate! :smiley:

That music NEVER gets old and well done…