Halo 4 Gameplay Launch Trailer

I watched the gameplay launch trailer a couple of days ago, and was blown away when the Didact said that humanity was the most dangerous threat to the galaxy. My theory is that the Didact and the Forerunners unite with the Covenant! Think about it, what if the beings that you had been worshipping just told you to join them and fight the people you have been fighting and that you hate!
This is just my speculation on my part, and its probably wrong but I just wanted to see if anyone else thought the same thing.

It was said in an article a while back that the Prometheans do indeed team up with the Covenant at one point, as there is some sort of ‘Ancient Weapon’ located inside Requiem.You pretty much nailed it!

Some reviewer already spoiled the surprise(I won’t specify on which review).

Oh wow! One of my guesses if finally right! Cool.
Well, I think if this really is to be true, its an amazing twist. I love what 343 is doing with the story.
Can’t wait to play it!

To be honest the concept of humanity being a threat is a reference to many sci-if concepts with humans developing to fast. It’s a bit like mass effect etc it will be awesome to see how far the forerunners go to stop humanity.