Dear 343,

Why do you have to put in the armour abilites in Halo 4. Sprint is fine for me, it’s better than jumping to the other side of the map to get a kill. But NO other armour abilities please. Also, custom loadouts and progression system? Does this mean we unlock weapons and not look around the map for them? That’s terrible, it doesn’t sound like Halo anymore. A progression system for armour customisation from all the other Halo games is the only customisation we would need. Make it feel like Halo again, I got bored of Reach because of the armour ability use (armour lock) and the DMR. Not to mention, Halo 2, 3 multiplayer was legendary. You know why? Because of certain amount features Bungie added to make it feel like Halo. 343, you stepped over the boundaries and made it feel like a modern day unoriginal shooter (CoD). But this is my opinion only for now, if you can impress me and make the armour abilities IMPROVE the gameplay, I will be happy. Custom loadouts are ok, as long as there is no progression system. Also this rumor about perks is starting to get me worried. One last thing, bring back Ranked playlists!
343… make it happen. Other than that, it looks pretty good. Nice graphics, but it’s all about the gameplay.