Halo 4 Foward Unto Dawn Teaser tomorrow!

Hey, if you do not know yet then tomorrow there will be the Halo 4: FUD teaser trailer over at Machinima Prime.

Source: Inside Gaming 6/29/2012

If you want to subscribe to machinima prime on Youtube then heres the link

PS: Not sure if this is old news, i only knew about this last night :slight_smile:

Yay! I can’t wait!


Really looking forward to this. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to it!

No problem guys :slight_smile:

sunglassesAT LAST

Nice, didn’t know about this.

Thanks for the news.

Yes!!! Can’t wait.

Thank you for this.

Interesting, thanks OP.

> sunglassesAT LAST


Awesome! I’m so psyched for tomorrow.

I know it’s a teaser, but I hope it’s not a small teaser.

Also, the first trailer will be unveiled at Comic Con, according to the last Bulletin, so we’ll be able to see it soon after that, I guess.

I spun around in my chair with hands waving up and down. :slight_smile:


> > sunglassesAT LAST


Yay!!! I’m excited.

Thanks for the heads up, I would have missed this if it wasn’t for you. :slight_smile: